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2023 Ronix Kinetik Project - Springbox 2 - Black / Natural / Gold

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A soft bendable tip and tail blending to a standard flex in the center. This Kinetik Project hasa traditional mid-section and extra pliable ends for more of a locked in feel on presses andrebounding out of them. In cable boards you want leverage points where a certain part of theboard compresses until the fulcrum kicks in with snap back. This series does that by allowinga rider to exaggerate their press with the softest flex numbers in the tip/tail – but as the pressgains a high degree of angle, the center of the board prevents it from folding over. A designwith less rocker for infinite top water speed, reduced drag, and more overall contact with thedeepest G&R channels of any of our cable boards for extra traction. Engineered with the exactsame core, outline, and rocker as the Flexbox 1 – but has totally different flex points. The cablekingpin design created for an exaggerated technical nose/tail press with some added snaprecessed in the wood.